Q嘜優質服務(藍金)計劃認證 (Q-Mark)

本公司Magnetic Massager Store於2021年3月榮獲「香港優質標誌局」頒發「香港Q嘜優質服務(藍金)計劃」之《Q-Mark認證》,以肯定及表揚我們在店鋪設施與環境、員工服務表現及客戶服務水平上均達到卓越的質素。




Q-Mark Award

Magnetic Massager Store received the award from Hong Kong Q-Mark Service (Cyan) Scheme launched by Hong Kong Q-Mark Council in March 2021.  This certificate is to recognize our company to have good standard of infrastruture and envirorment, staff performance and customer service level.

Q-Mark Certificate (Q嘜證書):

For detail of Q-Mark awardees, please refer to the following website:







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