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IASTM 是 "Instrument Assisted Soft Tssue Mobilization" 的簡寫,亦代表筋膜刀治療技術 的意思。



  • 筋膜刀治療技術(IASTM)是一種以工具為輔助軟組織鬆動的治療形式。作為一種從歐美新開展的技術,筋膜刀針對治療肌肉、肌筋膜疼痛技術特製,它根據人體工學設計,並能檢測治療筋膜黏連,快速定位,有效抑制軟組織纖維化,慢性炎症和退化。
  • 通過控制微循環去改變軟組織結構,達到刺激該部位的炎症反應。微循環可以觸發不合適的粘連結構和疤痕組織的吸收,進而促進癒合和受損軟組織結構的重建及康復。




  • 運動中疼痛、肌肉勞損、頸背疼痛、筋膜及肌腱發炎人士。
  • 於運動前熱身或運動後放鬆肌肉的人士。


(1) IASTM半月灣專業版筋膜刀


- Promotional Price 推廣價: HK$188

(Original Price 原價: HK$248)

Complimentary: leather bag, cleaning cloth, delux box and user manual



(2) IASTM 海鳥圓珠專業版筋膜刀


- Promotional Price 推廣價: HK$208

(Original Price 原價: HK$268)

Complimentary: leather bag, cleaning cloth, delux box and user manual 



(3) IASTM 鯊魚專業筋膜刀


- Promotional Price 推廣價: HK$138

(Original Price 原價: HK$188)

Complimentary: leather bag, cleaning cloth, delux box and user manual 



(4) IASTM 鈎子專業筋膜刀


- Promotional Price 推廣價: HK$138

(Original Price 原價: HK$188)

Complimentary: leather bag, cleaning cloth, delux box and user manual 



(5) IASTM 大M型專業版筋膜刀


- Promotional Price 推廣價: HK$238

(Original Price 原價: HK$288)

Complimentary: black flannel bag, cleaning cloth and user manual 



(6) IASTM 一套五件專業版筋膜刀


- Promotional Price 推廣價: HK$680

(Original Price 原價: HK$880)

Complimentary: portable aluminum box, cleaning cloth and user manual



  1. C型-探掃刀:208mm(L)*35mm(H)*5mm(D),      淨重:190g,  物料:304不鏽鋼, 適合探掃/清楚路障
  2. B型-蝙蝠刀:200mm(L)*40mm(H)*5mm(D),      淨重:216g,  物料:304不鏽鋼, 適合腕關節/肩/小臂/膝關節治療
  3. S型-鈎子刀:   50mm(L)*24mm(H)*5mm(D),       淨重:072g,  物料:304不鏽鋼, 適合手臂/頸部/小腿/膝關節治療
  4. A型-鯊魚刀:135mm(L)*65mm(H)*5mm(D),      淨重:165g,  物料:304不鏽鋼, 適合面部/下巴/手指等小部位治療
  5. M型-大M刀:440mm(L)*50mm(H)*10mm(D),  淨重:518g,  物料:304不鏽鋼, 適合背部及大腿等大面積肌群治療



  • 建議使用筋膜刀前把筋膜刀用酒精消毒,從而避免筋膜刀上之塵埃或細菌透過按摩時進入皮膚毛孔而導致生暗瘡。
  • 使用筋膜刀在肌肉上推按時,須配用合適的按摩油或按摩膏一起按,從而有潤滑作用,以免擦傷皮膚,並可帶出更佳效果。
  • 使用筋膜刀按摩後皮膚容易起痧,當血液循環增加後,皮膚毛孔亦會擴大,請避免在按摩後之四小時內洗澡,以免入風而引起身體不適。
  • 如肌肉或皮膚對不鏽鋼筋膜刀出現敏感反應,建議暫停使用筋膜刀,並向醫生徵詢意見。



  • 請保持筋膜刀乾爽,並避免存放在潮濕及高溫地方。
  • 用完筋膜刀後,使用清水及肥皂清洗,用乾的幼細的絨布或鹿皮清潔布抹乾。請確保筋膜刀清潔及乾爽後才放入皮套內。
  • 建議使用完筋膜刀後把它放回由本公司提供的皮套和包裝盒內,以免刮花,並能加強耐用性。

Introduction of IASTM (介紹IASTM的短片)

 What is IASTM?

  • IASTM means "Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Moblization" which is a skilled myofascial intervention used for sof-tissue treatment.  It was dervied from Cyriax cross-friction massage developed by Dr. James Cyriax, better known as the father of orthopedic medicine, from London.
  • IASTM Fascia Tools effectively break down fascial restrictions and scar tissue.  The ergonomic design of these instruments provides the clinican or therapist with the ability to locate restrictions and allows the clinician or therapist to treat the affected area with the appropriate amount of pressure.
  • It is applied using instruments that are made of stainless steel with beveled edges and contours that can conform to diffferent body anatomical locations and allows for deeper penetration.  It is used for the detection and treatment of soft tissue disorders.
  • The introduction of controlled microtrauma to affected soft tissue structure causes the stimulation of local inflammatory response.  Microtrauma initiates re-absorption of inappropriate fibrosis or excess scar tissue and facilitates a cascade of healing activities resulting in remodeling of affected soft tissue structures.  Adhesions within the soft tissue which may have developed as a result of surgery, immobilization, repreated strain or other mechanisims, are broken down allowing full functional restoration to occur.
  • Clinician or therapist applies firm pressure to the tool as the tool glides across the tissue in a scrapping manner.  A lubriciant of some sort, typically massage oil or lotion, is used to allow the tools to glide across the skin more smoothly.




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